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Arangetram / Rangapravesham is the first performance follows years of training. Many Indian classical dance forms perform once the time has come for a disciple.

Planning in Arangetram is very important in recent years since the arangetram is also sharing a space in the series of events in life like marriage and graduation

A Student going to the first performance should ready for the performance with a year long continues practice, after their years of training the

Arangetram Expenses in USA varies based on the options chosen, It can be done between $10000 to $40000.


Date & Venue

Once the arangetram is decided by parent and Guru the first step is planning Date, The date planning is depend on the availability of Artists, Guru , Once date is confirmed, The next is booking the event location / Performance venue .

Photo, Video

Once the Venue and date is confirmed , the photoshoot is next , Taking photo of the student is next with all form of dance with dress and makeup, This photos will be used for arangetram printing & designing .

Booking a photographer and videographer is the next

Venue Decorations

Different types of stage decorations are used for the Arangetram , Depending on Guru you can do different probs , Posters and Banners with dancer photo also can be used for this.

Light & Sound

Light and sound is most important for this event which will give visual as well sound impact. Sometimes the venue may not have the professional sound system, you can get a professional sound team for doing sound and light for the event.

Arangetram Printing

There are many printing materials used for arangetram in recent years, The main print products used in arangetram and available to print in USA