When it comes to online printing, choosing the right paper is an important factor
At VPrint Inc, Tysons Virginia and our online print shop offer a variety of papers, with both thick and thin options, and glossy and matte options. Let’s start with an understanding of terms! That will help you to select correct papers
Cover v/s Text
Cover – A cover weight paper is thick, and like cardstock.
Example : 100# Gloss Cover
Text weight papers are thinner and similar to catalog and magazine paper.
Text weight example: 100# Gloss Text
When comparing cover will always be thicker than text. So, if you’re deciding between 100# Gloss Cover and 100# Gloss Text, the Gloss Cover will be thicker.
Point Thickness
The difference in thickness is also derived in terms of point-like 9pt,14pt,16pt, You’ll see that 100# Gloss Cover is 9pt, while 100# Gloss Text is 5pt. The point thickness will tell you the thickness of the paper without using micrometer.