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Ever feel like your organization deserves to be heard at every house? Ever wanted to send a message about an edge you have over your competitors?

We have just the thing for you, it’s a U.S postal service program called ‘Every door direct mail’ or just EDDM.

Benefits of EDDM:

Cost effective when compared to traditional direct mail
Allows you to target a specific geography of your choice

You can take a look at the two services that we provide:

Print Only- You work on order processing and we work on the sizes and products.
Full utility- You choose products and routes. You can even upload artwork of your choice and we take care of the rest including paperwork and delivery.

Reach potential customers at their homes!!

Direct mailing is one of the oldest ways of marketing. It is also one of the most effective ones. People do not have to search or do anything to know about your practice and the benefits they can get by choosing you. Carefully crafted pamphlets/flyers are mailed to a targeted area (preferably 3 miles radius with your practice as the centre) and these flyers will market your practice better than any person can. We can guarantee you new patients and we will help you retain them using our review/endorsement apps.

Benefits of Direct mailing

  • Cost effective
  • Highly targeted
  • Personalized & Relevant
  • Guaranteed marketing
  • Familiar format
  • Results can be measured without complications
  • Easy execution No effort from your side
  • Proven track record
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