Spring is here! This is the time for flowers, Cherry Blossom, Hosting a spring festival, Conduct Fund raises events or to promote your business

7 Spring Marketing Ideas for 2019

Spring Marketing Tips

For Spring Marketing you need a powerful marketing campaign to ensure your event’s success. It is not difficult to spread out your brand or name, here are some spring specific print marketing materials.

1. Vinyl Banners : Print a professionally designed vinyl banner can place in near busy intersections. We can help you to develop a branded easy readable vinyl banner
2. Direct Mailing | EDDM : Mail your post cards or event invitations with personalized materials like printed envelops, Post cards, Letters, Invitation cards, Thank you Cards, You can mail coupons and offers
3. Distribute Posters, Flyers, Post Cards : Posters are better marketing tool for spring festivals, Place your posters in outside areas community centers
4. Social Marketing with spring theme, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yelp
5. Launch landing page for seasonal promotions, with same theme
6. Print Stickers : Stickers allowing you to promote the spring festival , You can stick your logo along with information on the materials you are distributing or can be used in packets.
7. Guerrilla Marketing is an unconventional marketing tactic often used by small businesses. Print your materials Business Cards, Rack Cards, Post Cards, Flyers and leave them everywhere you go, You can also stacks of them for people to grab


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